About Us

Established in 2001, BMA Securities (BMA) is a recognized leader in financial services specializing in market-making, trade execution, and clearing stock certificates.

BMA merges an accessible client service approach with modern technology to provide clients with the personalized service they deserve and the cutting edge technology required to keep up with today’s rapidly evolving and volatile financial markets. BMA’s clients include; hedge funds, family offices, broker dealers, venture capital firms, law firms, institutional money management firms, investment banks, and accredited investors.

BMA’s headquarters are located in Los Angeles. BMA is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), SIPC, and MSRB.

What We Do

BMA is a recognized leader in financial services specializing in these segments:

Why BMA?

Market Making and Trading

The Market Making and Trading business offers execution of Micro-cap and Small-Cap stocks, traditional brokerage, and other investment services.

Brokerage Solutions for Institutional and Retail Clients

Stock Certificate Clearing

Stock Certificate Clearing

BMA is an industry leader in stock certificate depositing and clearing. With over a decade of experience and multiple clearing arrangements, BMA makes stock certificate clearing an easy process.